About Ragazzi Continuo


Founded in 2010 by seven alumni of the Ragazzi Boys Chorus, Continuo has quickly become a premier choir in Northern California. With well over a century of combined musical experience, the current members of Continuo perform a wide variety of music throughout the year for both private and public audiences.

The group aims to achieve an elite level of musicianship across a broad array of musical disciplines, including the older Renaissance, Baroque, Gregorian Chant and Romantic styles, as well as more modern selections from Barbershop, Folk, Gospel and the American spiritual. Led by a Member-Director, Continuo works collaboratively to develop their program each season to highlight the joy and passion each member brings to this endeavor.

Continuo, now 15 members strong, continues to be comprised entirely of Ragazzi alumni, which has been a source of their strong bonds, both musically and socially. Members of the group have attended college at Harvard University, Claremont McKenna College, UCLA, Hamilton College, Oberlin College, and UC Santa Cruz and worked with numerous professional organizations including the San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Symphony, Santa Clara Chorale, San Jose-Cleveland Ballet, Masterworks Chorale, and many more.